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The Big V

I know what you’ve been thinking. “Gee, it’s great that Jen is moving on, but I really wonder what’s going on with her lady bits these days.” Well, you’re in luck! This is a vagina update!

This month my V got to meet two new friends. First, we met the Diva Cup, a menstrual cup that had been recommended to me by an IRL friend, and enthusiastically endorsed by many a Tweep. After a couple of fumble-y moments, I got the hang of inserting and removing the cup, and I was smitten. It’s super comfortably, and since there’s no string hanging out, it feels like I don’t even have AF. I didn’t have any leakage, thankfully. I’m also psyched that it’s reusable, and I’ve eliminated another regular budget item. Score! I wish that more women knew about this option, so check it out if you’ve never learned about the Diva Cup! (My Gyn, in classic western doc fashion, was surprised that I liked it, and warned me not to forget about it. Got it!) 

And, yesterday, we met Nuva Ring. My BCP hasn’t really been working out - perhaps partially due to my inability to take the damn pill at the same time each day. Anyways, I want to be on birth control to reduce (eliminate!) my crazy PMS symptoms, and protect my ovaries from endo and cysts. But, I’ve been having pretty much the same symptoms even on the pill. My Gyn recommended trying the Ring, and I said “Why not!” Yesterday I stopped by her office to pick up some samples (free!) and when I peaked in the bag, I didn’t see any instructions. Um, yeah. This thing is going in my vagina. A diagram might be nice? So, I ask the receptionist if there are instructions for the Ring. She asks a nurse and comes back and was like “I guess there’s no instructions, but, you know, it’s like a tampon (UH NO IT’S NOT), you just fold it in half and wiggle it up there.” Me, “Yeah, I’ll look on the website.” Both of us: laugh uncomfortably. So, in an office full of medical professionals, the receptionist is demonstrating how to “wiggle it up there” while we’re standing in the waiting room, in full view of all the preggos. Delightful! But, I got home, checked their website, found some diagrams, and, essentially, wiggled it up there. I had to remove and re-place it once, I think it was bumping my cervix a little too much. But, since then, it’s felt like… well, I can’t feel it at all. So far so good! DH and I have yet to give it a “test drive,” but I’ll keep you posted.

So, many adventures in vagina-land these days. I’m really hoping these two new-to-V items will help me feel a bit more “back to normal” with my body. Fingers, and labia, crossed! (Not really, ouch.)

NOTE: I am NOT endorsing either of these products. Just sharing my experiences with them. Ask your Gyn if you think these might be good options for you!

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